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Gary Wayne is the pen name for an artist and writer who hails from the great Pacific Northwest.

While he was born in Portland, Oregon, Gary has lived most of his life in southeastern Washington State. He spent much of his early adulthood traveling and working throughout the United States where he had the chance of meeting and learning about the lives of people in various regions of the country. While he traveled far and wide, his heart and home were always in the Pacific Northwest.

Gary enjoys the study of history and politics, and has run for political office. He firmly believes that those who don’t know or ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Gary’s previous writing experience includes writing columns for independent news media in many states for over 30 years, and creating posts for Facebook and Twitter, much of it dealing with history and politics.

For years, Gary has created in his mind fantasies of new worlds and farfetched adventures and finally, he has taken the time to write a series of books that stimulate the imaginations of others. His success over the years in writing is now being used for new adventures.

Adventure and fantasy is a means of expanding the mind. If it were not for people with visions of the future in fantasy movies and books, we would not have many of the inventions we have today.

Those who know Gary would say that he is a very kind, caring and helpful person. If a friend or neighbor needs assistance with a project, Gary is there to lighten the load. If he sees someone in need, he will do what he can to help.